September 28

Frindle Reflection

I am currently reading Frindle¬†by Andrew Clements. Mrs. Granger is my favorite character in this book because I love how she goes to war with Nick over the word frindle. I have enjoyed reading how Andrew Clements describes her eyes as being on “full power” or “slightly turned on.” This reminds me of the superhero character Cyclops and his laser eyes that can cut through things. Don’t get me wrong Mrs. Granger isn’t dangerous, but those eyes of hers mean she she not be crossed!

September 28


“Let’s play fetch” says those big brown eyes every day as I come through the door.

“Just a half and hour more…” he pleads as he delivers the stick to my feet after my hundredth throw.

“Don’t go to bed yet” he grumbles as he paces around my bed posts upstairs.

“Time to wake up!” he begs excitedly with a lick across my face.